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Your Views: Act of kindness from a neighbor a display of Christian charity
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This is an example of the kind of folks who belong to Level Grove Baptist Church in Cornelia.

I live with my sister. Recently, she took a trip out West and was gone for a month. Although I am capable of being here alone, I am up in years and have various health problems. A neighbor came to us and said, "I'll watch out for you while your sister is gone. Call me day or night."

This lady came to see me every day, sometimes twice a day, often sharing her cooked food saying, "Oh, I always cook too much for myself." Sometimes she would ask, "Do you like so and so?" Mentioning some food, then later would bring me that cooked dish.

She would call my pharmacy to get my prescriptions refilled, then go get the medicines for me. Other times she would say, "I know you like to read Christian novels. I brought you several." She would help me change my sheets every week recognizing it was a difficult task for me because of my arthritic hands.

By now you probably realize this lady is a humble Christian who has what the Bible calls the "fruit of the spirit:" love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Probably most who know her do know she is a gifted artist. Now a blank space above my bed is filled with a beautiful painting this lady gave me.

Who is this lady? I would like very much to tell you, but knowing her, she would not wish any acknowledgement of what she does, not only for me, but for others.

I appreciate all my wonderful friends and their many kindnesses to me, my neighbors, others from my church, etc., but this lady has been especially kind and helpful. She knows who she is, and God knows. Maybe this will inspire you to reach out to others you know and extend helpfulness.

Valerie G. Perdue