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Your Views: Abraham Lincoln would be proud of our country
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We are the first grade class of Maranatha Christian Academy in Oakwood. In our class we have been learning about our country's freedoms. We have learned about freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. Our teacher told us that people can write to you and that you put their letters in the newspaper.

We have also learned about great men like Abraham Lincoln. Did you know that today we celebrate his 200th birthday?

We were sad to learn about the Jim Crow laws. We think these laws must have made Abraham Lincoln sad, too. We are glad that we do not have these laws anymore.

If Abraham Lincoln lived to be 200 he would be proud. We will be, too.

Pam Romano's first-grade class
Maranatha Christian Academy, Oakwood

Don't let high prices, economy destroy faith
Friends, I am reminded of the time two or three years ago when gas was nearing $2 or more a gallon and it has prompted me to write this letter.

One morning, I was at one of our local gas stations. After I had filled my gas tank, I went inside to pay my bill, since I was paying by check. I voiced my opinion concerning the price and how it was going up.
The attendant, in answering me, said there is nothing a person can do but pay the bill and that may be true. But when I returned to my vehicle, a voice came to me as though it was another visible person
which said there is something that you can do. You can pray.

I did not question the voice, neither did I doubt the truth of those words. I made it my business to believe and increase my prayer life, not just about gas prices but about everything that pertains to mankind.

Gas did not go up $2 and stop; it went to over $4 for regular per gallon. I did not pay my other creditors because of it. My livelihood compelled me to drive 300 and 400 miles a day in my work. I managed to pay off credit cards that I owed, and in one case my credit was cut off because I was not able to pay everything I charged each month. Don't tell me that God doesn't hear and answer good and sincere prayer.

My being a minister of the gospel doesn't have anything to do with it, but believing and being obedient does. They can raise prices all they want to, but God has the last word. You and I are working for him. You won't be left out if you pray and believe.

Times are hard and many people are out of jobs true enough, but don't forget that God is still God. America has come too far to give up now. I came from a long line of fighters for what is right and what I believe. We cannot turn back now.

Jesse Jenkins

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