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Community Forum: Electoral College is still the best system
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This letter is in response to Tom Crawford's column Thursday in The Times, "It's high time to shut this college down."

My opposing opinion starts with the title which could have been posed as a question instead of a declarative statement. Anyone who has read the U.S. Constitution knows that our forefathers did not intend for the presidency or the Congress to govern or be governed by popular vote. That is why we were formed as a republic instead of a democracy.

I refer you to Article II and the 12th Amendment for the guidance of creating the Electoral College and the election of the president and vice president. They clearly state that should the Electoral College fail to give a majority to any candidate (this could happen with three candidates should a strong third party arise), the presidency would be decided by the House of Representatives, with each state having a single vote regardless of population.

If you consider the populations of California (more than 36 million) and Alaska (less than 700,000), nothing could be less democratic.

The Electoral College guarantees each state, regardless of population, at least three votes. This helps to make sure that the minority is not disenfranchised. I would hate to see it changed.

Article II also gives each state the right to choose its electors by any "Manner as the legislature thereof may direct," so state Sen. Orrock and state Rep. Benfield certainly have the right to try to change how Georgia selects its electors.

When our forefathers drafted the Constitution, they intended that state governments as well as the people have a voice in congress. Article I, Section 2, tells us that the people shall choose the House of Representatives. Article I, Section 3, tells us that the state legislatures shall choose the senators, but this was changed by the 17th Amendment so that each state's senators are now elected by popular vote of the people.

I believe the 17th Amendment was as much a mistake as was the 18th (prohibition), because the elected state representatives no longer have a voice at the national level.

For those who would contend that it aids in the democratic process, I again point to California and Alaska. When it comes to the Senate, every vote in Alaska is worth 52 votes in California.

Of course, every vote in Georgia is worth four of those in California, but most folks I know think that is about fair.

State Rep. Amos Amerson
House District 9, Dahlonega

City sanitation workers produce a special carol
Each year the Gainesville Sanitation Department employees enjoy a Christmas meal during lunch on one of their work days.

This year a special musical treat was rendered by employees under the direction of Sanitation Department Director Dan Owen entitled "Here Comes Sanitation" to the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus."

To see and hear approximately 20 sanitation workers sing "Here Comes Sanitation" was a real treat. It was my pleasure to be a guest and enjoy their fellowship.

Bob Hamrick
Gainesville City Councilman

Talented children make seniors' holiday bright
Something so wonderful happened for the Senior Life Center this week.
A group of very small children gave us so much for Christmas. They were pre-kindergarten and third-graders from Maranatha Christian Academy.

They sang and visited, which was such a delight. I have never witnessed a group of more talented children. In fact, they were much above average.

They were beautiful and wonderful. We at the Center are all looking forward to a return visit. Merry Christmas and God's blessings. Thanks children and the directors.

Phoebe Vickers
Flowery Branch

Columnist was right to back bakery's denial
What a pleasure to read a column with which I agree! Teressa Glazer and I surely agree with the bakery to deny putting Hitler on a birthday cake for a little boy.

Names are often something we put up with. I have to correct pronunciation of mine often, but it is no big deal. Hopefully the child's family will decide to promote love instead of hate.

Nedra B. Palmer
Flowery Branch

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