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Your Views: Wisdom failed us when US placed Obama in charge
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Nations and people that forget history are doomed to repeat them. It seems to me that in our age of enlightenment, man has advanced greatly in the fields of education and technology to a level that was thought unreachable in times past. The sad fact, however, is that we have not achieved wisdom.

There is, in the Bible, II Timothy 4:3, scripture that says that a time would come when mankind would not endure sound doctrine. America has reached that time.

In 2009, we elected a president who offered "lofty" promises of prosperity. He openly told Americans that he intended to environmentally change our nation. He promised change. Red flags should have been going off every where but many well meaning voters bought in to Barack Obama's deceit and lies.

Whether any opt to admit our error in judgement or remain in a state of denial, the fact is this: We have handed the reins of power over to a monster. This president claims to be a Christian but his actions toward others and his many incompetent, failed policies say different.

There is a scripture in Genesis 12:3 where God tells us how he regards his people, the Jewish people, and yet we've all seen the spiteful attitudes and hateful lack of regard this hypocrite has displayed toward Israel. While he grovels at the feet of our enemies, Obama continues to cripple our efforts to become free of the Arab cartels.

He now is reducing our military and is now proposing to cut our nuclear arsenal by 80 percent while Iran continues to build nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and the U.S..

He has divided Americans as none of his predecessors ever have. This failed administration and its many insane policies are not just honest miscalculations; this is a well thought-out strategy and well-coordinated plan to subvert the American people.

Sadly, over half the people in our nation have become comfortable with sacrificing our freedoms and rights in exchange for a few entitlements and government handouts, without having to work for our future. To all you "politically correct" people who persist in supporting Obama, I say this, you do it at the peril of us all!

Mickey Montgomery

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