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Your Views: Why vote for anti-immigrant bill if you dont believe in it?
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I would like to comment on the article in The Times this weekend regarding barring undocumented students from attending state supported universities. It was reported that Sen. Butch Miller expressed serious reservations about the legislation but yet felt he had no choice except to vote in favor of it. Why did he have no choice?

Fewer than 1 percent of students attending these schools are undocumented. Why all the uproar? Bless Philip Wilheit for his compassion towards these children and their plight. These are people created in God's image and loved by Him. They have come here seeking a better life just as our ancestors did. Most are humble and hard-working. They often have difficulty with the language because they do not even read or write their own language.

I close with this from Jeremiah 22:16: "He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. ‘Is that not what it means to know me?', declares the Lord."

Deb Bonnette

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