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Your Views: Whose morality should we use when deciding on our laws?
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In response to the March 9 article, "‘Social issues' are really about morality" by Trevor Thomas: I just returned from a fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion in Hollywood with a group of international business leaders, where we raised millions for cancer research. Would you label me immoral for assisting cancer victims because the event was held at a landmark of the sexual revolution?

Furthermore, when you say liberals are attempting to "redefine" what is moral, you're implicitly suggesting that an agreed-upon set of morals has been established by society. They have not. The religious community can kick and scream that the Bible dictates morality, but until they present sufficient evidence of its divine inspiration, they will continue to be marginalized.

You quote Ben Franklin, an atheist, when he said "laws without morals are in vain." The question is; whose morals? Backward thinkers like Burke or brilliant thinkers like Franklin?

This article is Bible-thumping propaganda disguised as political discourse. Conservatives should stick to solving problems and stay out of our personal lives. And for the record, Franklin would have loved the Playboy Mansion.

Steve Siebold

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