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Your Views: Virtual school funding offers Ga. students a valuable resource
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Georgia Virtual School notified us recently that on May 1, Gov. Nathan Deal signed Senate Bill 289 which no longer allows the use of state funds for Georgia Virtual School courses.

I am not one of those parents who thinks everything should be free. We sacrificed for years, home schooling our child, paying for all of our curriculum, books, supplies, tutors just to give our child the best education possible.

Georgia has schools funds for excellent special education, ESOL and even preschool but not enough to provide high school students critical classes needed for graduation that are not available in their schools?

Our son will be a senior at Heritage Academy, a small but excellent university model school in Braselton. High school classes meet only three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so we are technically classified as “home school.”

Currently, the school only offers Spanish. GaVS allowed him to choose the language he really wanted and felt would most benefit him educationally. It will cost us $500 for our child to finish his foreign language graduation requirement.

GaVS is such an invaluable resource for all Georgia middle and high school students, public, private and homeschool.

I realize that the economy is very bad but I think this decision is like shooting ourselves in the foot. I hope the governor will rethink the matter and reinstate tuition, even if only on a limited basis, maybe one credit per year tuition free and only if the class was not available at the students’ school. This would be an investment that will bring Georgia great returns.

Melinda Gottfried

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