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Your Views: Version of Bible should offer Gods word, not mans
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I rarely respond in print to anything I read in the paper. However, Ronda Rich’s recent column concerning the lady that chastised her for preferring the King James Version really caught my attention.

A statement she made to Ronda is one I have heard many times: "I pray that people will stop worshiping a translation and start worshiping God."

I have no idea who this lady is, but I realize that many share her belief that those of us who are committed to using the KJV exclusively have done so out of ignorance, or because we are worshiping a translation. On the contrary; we do so because of our belief that God is the sole authority concerning His word. As long as there are absolutes and man has no choice in the matter, then God is the authority. When we give man a choice, man becomes the authority.

Not one word, spelling change, comma or period will ever change in a KJV. If it is changed, it will cease to be a true KJV. All good people who have laid their KJV Bibles down and embraced modern versions such as the NIV or NASB would do well to read the preface of those books.

The Committee on Bible Translations has shown a willingness to change what is supposedly the inerrant word of God twice in a 10-year period from 1973 to 1983. The preface in more recent printings tells us that they have revised it several more times and that they have a standing committee ready to accept suggestions for more changes.

The claim cannot possibly be made that the NIV is or has ever been the inerrant word of God because of these revisions.

They tell us that these suggestions for revisions came from unidentified "various sources" and they were considered and the committee seemed very eager to change the work that they had marketed as God’s Holy word. It would, at the very least, be interesting to know who these "various sources" were.

Anyone who is not bothered by man having the ability and the self-proclaimed authority to change God’s word does not understand the nature of man.

I realize that as each day passes there are fewer of us that continue to embrace (not worship) the KJV. But, one thing I know for sure is that my KJV will never change. You cannot possibly say the same for your NIV. It already has been changed and will, without a doubt, be changed many more times and you can be sure that each change will dilute the word. That is how Satan works!

Henry Loggins

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