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Your Views: There are many pluses we can find in T-SPLOST defeat
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What good will come if the T-SPLOST is defeated? We may have new folks leading Georgia politics.

The experts have claimed that if T-SPLOST fails, toll roads are the only future we can look forward to. OK, go ahead, put toll roads in, because the outcome will be the folks currently holding office will be voted out.

Nothing makes the taxpayers more mad than taxing us for using a road that we have already paid for. We could use a good housecleaning of our one party-ruled state that is not serving citizens but who answer to special interests of lobbyists. As a famous a actor said: “Go ahead; make my day.” Maybe those new representatives will have better ideas.

Second good thing: No more debt. Gov. Sonny Perdue borrowed on future DOT tax revenue to see his projects implemented, thereby leaving us with a tough future of debt payments that left the DOT unable to provide for our transportation needs, not to mention the loss of federal matching funds due to debt payments. Borrowing and putting us in debt didn’t pay off for Georgia. T-SPLOST defeat means we do not make this mistake again.

Third plus of T-SPLOST being voted down is that citizens can still make a difference. If we work hard to honor the privilege of living in this great state by being an informed voter and educating others, we can still have a voice in what happens to our limited resources. Government goes to those that show up.

Lynn Everitt