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Your Views: The power of November belongs to us
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Life cannot exist without freedom. For what is life without the ability to make choices and take chances? And then what better thing to do with that life that freedom grants you than to use it to ensure that it remains for all who seek it?

To all politicians, dare I say remember, remember the first Tuesday of November. From time to time, when you each get your turn at the wheel, you both take the power we gave you for granted. You might not at first, but eventually you abuse it and scandalize it.

But now more than ever, it is important that we rise up and take it back. You brainwashed most of us under the guise of political correctness and tolerance. Every time any of us attempts to rise up against you and exercise our power and speak, you steal that power we let you borrow and quell our words under the stigma of intolerance, hatred or racism.

It is time to rise up and to stand against you and even when you call us racists or intolerant hate-mongers. We will not falter nor shall we stumble for in order to form a more perfect union. We the people shall stand unified, and with one voice, we proclaim remember, remember the first Tuesday of November.

Anthony Furey

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