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Your Views: The law should crack down on indecent way some people dress
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What is being indecent? The dress codes of today’s society are so different and let go than those of the past.

Some say time changes, people change. Yes, they do, but our self-respect should never change.

The new dress code of today of the males is wearing their pants over half off their hips, with half or three-fourths of their underwear showing, which appears to be right to some. Well to me, I find this very indecent and nasty.

Some of our places of business used to have on the door when you entered that read, “Shirt and shoes required,” but I no longer see a lot of that. Seeing people dressed like this should not be allowed in our fast-food places or restaurants or any public places dressed this way.

There should be a law against this. They passed a lot of laws that are unnecessary, so they should pass something that is necessary. This needs to be brought to the attention of the legislature, and a law to be passed against this indecency and be carried out.

When a person has lost their respect for himself or herself, then they have no respect for others.

Bobby P. Jones

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