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Your Views: Take time to thank teachers for their impact on our children
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Our son’s elementary school, Wauka Mountain Multiple Intelligences Academy, is honoring its teachers this week as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. Since this is his last year at the school, we began to reflect on all the wonderful teachers that have been a part of our lives these last six years.

When raising a child with special needs, you are often faced with a progression of two steps forward and one step back. At the beginning of his kindergarten year, we wondered if our son would be able to speak in sentences, be able to read, be able to do math or be able to make friends. As his fifth grade year is coming to a close, we now know the answer is YES.

There have been a few bumps along the way, but thanks to the teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists and administrators who have been a part of our son’s elementary career, we have experienced many more steps forward than steps back. You all know who you are, and please know how very grateful we are for all you have done.

To everyone else: Don’t forget to thank the teachers that have made an impact on your child’s life this week. They do so much for the children of this community.

Jennifer and Scott Gibbs

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