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Your Views: State, local leaders deserve credit for clearing highways
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After all is said and done, from my perspective, where credit is due, credit is given. The processes and actions demonstrated to keep the highways and roads open were a great and successful effort.

It is a good and honorable thing to both learn from the past and put in place plans to make it better and then to implement those plans. In that regard on the state level, the leadership role that Gov. Nathan Deal took and actions his entire affiliated departments took to task and completed were very successful.

On a local level, the efforts of our own road maintenance crews, led by our Hall County commissioners and Public Works Director Ken Rearden; our Sheriff’s Office, led by Sheriff Gerald Couch; and David Kimbrell and Scott Cagle of the Hall County Fire Department all came together and we, the public, were kept safe and the roadways were open.

In our company’s case, all our trucks were able to pick up our loads and deliver our loads in Atlanta and outside of the city. We also were able to take the proper routes in the proper lanes through and around Atlanta to get to all other destinations. For that, we are thankful.

In our case, it is a heartfelt responsibility to do our part to keep America replenished. It takes the understanding and leadership of our officials working collectively with the public and companies to help keep America replenished. Thanks, and our best regards.

Jim Syfan
CEO, Syfan Logistics, Gainesville

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