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Your Views: Smarter energy options must include nuclear
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Re: Joan King’s column of July 1: This will probably be my final attempt to help Joan King to acquire a more positive outlook involving use of nuclear power provided by electric energy utilities. Her ongoing presentations no longer dignify knowledgeable responses, which removes the interest to challenge them. Proper analogy is not seeing the forest because of the trees.

Comparable illustrations she favors for renewable energy sources met with severe consequences when the recent solar faction failed after considerable government financial support. CO2 emissions (coal) are unfavorable and nuclear is the most logical alternative globally available.

The lack of understanding concerning planning for future growth, when increased electric power energy will be required and is essential for economic growth, would provide an unfavorable potential for Georgia.

We are presently dealing with negative effects of a prolonged recession, incompetent White House and a slumbering Congress. It remains difficult for me to understand how Georgia Power continues to be hammered alone when it owns only 46 percent of the project that King condemns. Why this vendetta instead of sharing the responsibility with Oglethorpe Power, Municipal Electric Authority Georgia and the city of Dalton?

When alligators get up to your hindsight, it will be too late to drain the swamp!

Clarence Huhman

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