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Your Views: Romney proven to be right in 12, should run again
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I believe the draw to run for president will eventually bring Mitt Romney back into the fray. I think he’ll run and I hope he does, not necessarily because I agree with everything he believes in or stands for. Not because I think he has the best chance to win, but he has a shot. He should run because he’s been proven right.

He was right about Putin and Russia. He was right about the effect the Affordable Care Act would have on the medical marketplace. And he was right about the foreign policies of the administration driving us further into unnecessary danger.

I believe he is balanced and not interested in winning unserviceable political battles. I believe he wants what is best for our country in his very heart. He may not be the coolest, most charismatic or even the most experienced politically, but those things don’t interest me. What interests me is honesty, hard work and patriotism.

The buyer’s remorse from the election of Barack Obama in 2012 is evident. Big things were promised and little was delivered. I know politicians fail to deliver on campaign promises all the time. The problem is the promises that were enacted.

Also the cowardice of this administration to self-examination has baffled me. How do you explain the lack of investigation into the IRS, the lying about Benghazi, the absurd handling of the Russia/Ukraine situation and the unpreparedness to deal with ISIS? It can’t. The administration refuses to accept it is to be held responsible for misdirected focus. Eric Holder’s resignation is the tip of the iceberg of the turbulence that is coming in the wake of these missteps.

If Romney had been elected in 2012, we still would have faced many of the same tribulations. I don’t know that Mitt would have done much differently, but he was prepared for it. He warned against many of these threats in the debates. Obama focused his attention on social division. I don’t think ISIS or Russia care about our social equality. Not only that, but these are changes that must take place in the hearts of people.

Social issues like gender equality, acceptance of race, religion and sexual orientation deserve discussion, but we need a president who can prioritize. A leader should be focused on things he or she can do to defend, repair and improve the country. We need to keep the United States alive and well in order to fix her social problems.

The president elect in 2016 must be ready for an uphill climb. The economy shows signs of improvement, but the debt is still climbing. We haven’t had a major attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, but there has been no plan to secure that growing threat. We don’t yet know who will run from the respective camps, but they better focus on what matters. Should he decide to run again in 2016, Romney will be laser focused.

Clint Hamlin

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