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Your Views: Relay for Life event helps local effort in fight against cancer
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Just as the effects of a challenging economy are felt by families in every community, cancer, too, has a far-reaching impact. No matter how the stock market is performing or what the current unemployment rate may be, there are still many people battling a cancer diagnosis and many others who are lending support alongside loved ones every day.
These realities make the dollars donated and volunteer hours devoted to the American Cancer Society, a part of Hall County for many years, critically important.

Local volunteers are a huge part of a nationwide effort to save lives from cancer, but additional people are needed for the progress to continue. Plans are under way for the Society’s annual fundraiser, Relay for Life, which will be held at Road Atlanta from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. June 1-2 because cancer never sleeps.

The money raised at Relay enables the American Cancer Society to deliver on its mission of helping people stay well, helping people get well, finding cures and fighting back against the disease.

Relay provides the Society with money to support vital, cutting-edge cancer research, such as the pap smear and PSA test, and it provides cancer patients right in our own community with free wigs, transportation to treatment, free lodging at our Hope Lodge, etc. It helps publish lifesaving literature on cancer prevention, detection and tobacco control, and develops a new generation of medicines that help those battling cancer.

Now is the time for individuals, families, community groups, corporations and small businesses to commit their Relay for Life team participation. Join us at this event to celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember those lost, fight back against the disease and help the American Cancer Society realize its vision of a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

To sign up, participate or learn how you may volunteer, call 770-297-1176 or visit

Andrea Shoemaker
American Cancer Society

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