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Your Views: Red Rabbit buses are a bad deal for county taxpayers
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Here are 10 reasons Hall County taxpayer involvement with the Red Rabbit is a bad idea:

1. Only very few Hall County taxpayers live within 5 miles of a Red Rabbit route.

2. A miniscule number of Hall County taxpayers have the time to waste waiting for a bus that is not going where they’re going, so they’ll never ride the Red Rabbit.

3. Hall County taxpayers are legally liable for wrecked buses, personal injury, private property damage and Community Service Center employees in exchange for very little advantage.

4. When the economy improves, ridership will decrease and costs per trip will increase, leaving Hall County taxpayers with even greater expense, for little benefit.

5. Hall County is losing tax revenue from free-market local taxi services because Hall County and the city of Gainesville are taking their customers away from them.

6. If the local free market taxi service operators who are risking their investments every day had more business, they could invest more money, hire more drivers, buy more vehicles and pay more taxes in order to serve all the people — not just taxpayers — in Hall County.

7. If the city of Gainesville and Hall County didn’t spend more than $1.5 million per year of local and national taxpayers’ money on running a limited but expensive bus service, serving very few taxpayers, what better use would there be for the $1.5 million?

8. The federal government cost to replace two Red Rabbit buses is not $800,000 as previously stated. It is $800,000 plus about 30 percent, which would include the IRS collection of the $800,000, plus another 30 percent to 50 percent for the U.S. Department of Transportation to disperse the $800,000 to Gainesville/Hall County, plus about 2 percent on average per year over the next 40 years for the U.S. government to pay in interest (to China, etc.) to borrow the $800,00. U.S. taxpayers — you and I and our grandchildren — will be paying at least $3 million for the two buses in question.

9. Friends, family, churches and local charitable organizations are now being deprived of the opportunity to provide transportation for those who now ride the Red Rabbit. A lot of blessings are being lost.

10. If the Red Rabbit is a good idea for taxpayers in Gainesville, they should pay for it themselves, completely, without cost to U.S. or Hall County taxpayers.

Rick Frommer


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