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Your Views: Reasonable limits on gun ownership, ammo make sense
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Soon after the subject of gun control arose following the string of mass murders and the Newtown massacre. People began a gun- and ammunition-buying frenzy that will result in thousands of weapons and billions of rounds of ammo available to terrorists, criminals and mentally ill young people. The former two will have ready access to those arms by burglarizing homes, businesses and parked vehicles. Mentally ill children will have all this weaponry available from the buying and hoarding of guns by their parents.

Where did the idea emerge that gun control would limit the purchase and possession of guns, including semi-automatics with reasonable-sized clips or magazines, by citizens except those barred by court order from possessing firearms for various reasons?

Thomas Sowell recently kept harping about disarming “law-abiding citizens,” making them more vulnerable to crimes. Nothing has or likely will be proposed to prevent ownership of firearms for self protection, hunting and target shooting. The intractable opposition of the NRA and the ill-informed gun nuts who support it makes one wonder how many “law-abiding citizens” are actually that law abiding. The process of submitting to a background check is no problem unless your record is not clean. One of the latest proposals by Congress would have allowed certain private transfers of firearms between friends, neighbors and some family members without requiring background checks.

As for outlawing certain weapons and high-round clips, the claim that 20 or 30 bullets is necessary for self-protection is absurd. The possession of an assault weapon capable of firing more than, say, seven times without reloading places them in the aforementioned category of those available to burglars and incompetent offspring. New York’s new law limits the number of rounds in a gun to seven, which is adequate.

The Georgia General Assembly recently failed to pass a gun control bill that included allowing the mentally ill to buy and possess guns. It is possible the bill may be passed during the next session. What kind of blithering idiots would even consider arming the mentally ill? The 2014 elections are causing congressmen, even Democrats in Republican-dominated states, to refrain from voting for more stringent gun control.

It is certainly true gun control laws alone are not enough to curb the violence, but as Sowell pointed out, a reversal of the increasing leniency of our judicial systems, even to include pardoning of convicted murderers and stays of execution of those facing the death penalty, would be a further deterrent to the killings.

So you can add to the message on my bumper sticker “NRA IS AN ABETTOR,” conservative Republicans and others who consider that their rights would be infringed upon by strict gun laws.

Jim Scharnagel

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