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Your Views: Principal at Myers Elementary is qualified to keep bullying incidents in check
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I am writing in response to the article from March 7, “Bullying incidents test school policy in Hall County, Gainesville.” As a parent of a child in elementary school, the subject is concerning to me. However, I am not worried at all because my child goes to Myers Elementary School. I’m not worried because I have 100 percent faith in my son’s teacher and his principal to do the right thing for my child, and those in his class.

I realize there are problems from day to day in a school, and I realize not all kids are angels, including mine. However, I have been in that school. I’ve watched in the hallway as Beth Hudgins, the principal, walks the halls and hugs on the kids as they pass by. I dare say she knows every kid by their first name.

I am disgusted that The Times printed such a one-sided article implying that Mrs. Hudgins has shirked her responsibility in any way. I suggest Mr. Dover take his kids out of the school if he is unhappy there. Our county is full of other qualified schools, or he can choose any number of area private schools.

As for me, my child will stay as long as Mrs. Hudgins is there. She is the reason my son is in kindergarten there in the first place. Why do I have so much faith in her? She taught me in third grade.

Mitzi Williams

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