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Your Views: Prayer Band helped bring black, white churches together
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The Gainesville Prayer Band was originally started by Ms. Blanche Alexander in 1950. She held it in her home for many years, every Saturday night. Later on, she moved it to the church where it was on every first Sunday morning at 6 a.m.

She just went to black churches. She just had about four she went to. Later on in 1970, I became a member of the band. I like it very much.

In 1983, she died but before she died, she asked me to carry it on. I told her as long as the Lord gives me health and strength to do it, I would. So I began to think about reaching out to other churches.

I went to some white churches — some said no. But I did not stop. I kept on asking until I got six white and six black.

The first white church we went in was First Baptist on Green Street in 1996. We made history on that day. Dr. John Lee Taylor was the pastor at that time. We still go there.

I’ve been president for 31 years. I love it. We get up early every first Sunday morning. It starts my Sunday off right. I want to thank all the churches for their kindness.

Ruby Brawner

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