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Your Views: Pray for those who clean up the water from Lake Lanier
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I found the Jan. 7 article in The Times, “Church commemorates Epiphany” with a blessing of Lake Lanier somewhat interesting. However, in my opinion, attempts to bless Lake Lanier may be misdirected.

At one time, most people in this area considered “Lake Sidney” to be an infinite source of fresh water with ideal watersports potential. Because of water contamination as a result of population and industrial growth, this is no longer the case. As you read this article, Lake Lanier is becoming more and more contaminated as a result of human and industrial waste materials.

As the lake level drops, contaminants and impurities in the water will become more and more concentrated. Heaven forbid that walking on concentrated, not consecrated, water of Lake Lanier will ever occur.

For you people with a propensity to pray and bless, may I suggest you direct your blessings and prayers toward the local water and wastewater treatment plants and the men and women who operate these essential facilities.

William Clark
Flowery Branch


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