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Your Views: Please take care of your pets
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I live in Rabbittown, a small community with lots of woods but lots of homes.

Every week there are new stray animals running down the road. The woods behind my house are full of feral cats.
I called animal control to be put on a list for traps to catch them. They told me the wait was three months for the traps. It has now been five months, and I have heard nothing from them.

The dogs turn over the trash cans looking for food, poop in my yard where my grandson plays.

I feel so bad for these animals. They are hungry, skinny and just plain pitiful. Please, if you have a pet, keep it fenced or secured somehow on your own property.

If you have a pet that you no longer want to care for, don’t just let it go to fend for itself. Take it to the humane society so it will have a chance for a life with someone who will love and care for it.

It breaks my heart to see these animals like this. I know I probably wouldn’t have as many come on my property if I didn’t feed them but I feel it is the humane thing to do.

I love animals, and I have a dog. He is kept inside except to go out for a walk. He came from the shelter and is the best dog anyone could ask for. If you don’t want to care for your animals take them to the Humane Society rather than leave them on the street to starve or be hit by a car or God knows what else.

Kathy Ledford


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