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Your Views: Obamas pattern is shift blame or assume credit
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President Barack Obama is consistent. After the “Fast and Furious” disaster in which a border guard was killed, he claimed former President George W. Bush was responsible. Obama lied.

After Benghazi, he first blamed a video for the four American deaths and left Washington for a fundraiser. When the video story was disproved, he blamed the State Department. He had nothing to do with the illegal activities of the IRS during his run for re-election, he said, but had 150 meetings with the IRS director according to the White House log book.

In his election campaign of 2008, he promised to reduce the backlog of treatment for veterans. Six years later, the backlog has more than doubled and a large number of veterans died awaiting treatment. Not his fault; fire the VA director.

Comes now the Bowe Bergdahl terrorist swap. Obama proudly displayed the parents in the White House Rose Garden while taking credit for the sergeant’s release. Every news service instantly determined this exchange a very bad deal. So today we are told that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who was not even present at the Rose Garden ceremony, is the one who made the deal, not Obama.

I wonder who that was we saw making a speech in the White House Rose Garden? President Barack Obama, fully backed by the Democratic Party, has consistently demonstrated his cowardice and deceit. That will be his legacy.

Bruce W. Hallowell

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