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Your Views: Obama has spent his 4 years on social engineering, not jobs
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Twenty-eight pages of foreclosure notices in The Times say to me that our economy is a terribly long way from being in a recovery mode. Each of these notices represents a shattered dream for an American homeowner. I wonder who these people will vote for in November.

President Barack Obama says that the housing debacle and our other economic woes started under President George W. Bush (he’s right) and that he needs more time to straighten them out. His problem is that he has already had four years, and things are not getting better.

The truth is that he has spent most of his efforts on social engineering projects instead of on projects to revitalize the economy.

Mitt Romney offers a plan for removing impediments to job growth: lowering taxes and reducing job-killing restrictions. He says that a strong military is our best deterrent to attacks against us. He promises that he will return Washington to the concept of a balanced budget. We don’t know that he will be able to do this, but he appears to have been successful in his earlier life.

It is my hope that most Americans will vote for the fixer rather than for the manipulator in November. The continuing greatness of America is at stake.

Jim Waldrep

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