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Your Views: Nuclear power is costly, but the alternatives are no better
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Joan King wrote in her column recently against nuclear power. Her points about the negatives were valid. It is expensive and produces a problem waste.

The issue is that much of our power in Georgia comes from dirty coal-fired plants. They produce a lot of the pollution in Atlanta. The EPA is putting pressure on the industry to get rid of them, and over a thousand are scheduled to close nationwide in the next few years.

My problem is what is the alternative? Dirty air or nuclear waste? And no, windmills and solar energy are not only more expensive even than nuclear but cannot begin to replace the coal plants.

France uses mostly nuclear plants. Germany, at great government cost, has installed huge numbers of solar generators. China and India are building coal plants by the hundreds, making everyone else’s effort in vain.

It is not a simple problem, and before you condemn one part and say get rid of it, you need to say how you are going to get rid of those coal plants. Any choice is going to be expensive.

Dave Long

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