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Your Views: Murderers are cowards and dont deserve a peaceful death
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Here we go again, folks. Cormac J. Carney, a U.S. district judge, ruled California’s death penalty unconstitutional. He called the death penalty an “empty promise that violates the Eighth Amendment’s protection against cruel and unusual punishment.” This was brought on by a death row inmate.

Cruel and unusual punishment? Most death row inmates languish in prison for years or even decades and are kept up by taxpayer money. The death penalty is almost a thing of the past. This is a direct result of not immediately enacting the death penalty in cases of murder, rape or beatings.

The poor inmates who are on death row are a bunch of cowards who committed some heinous crime and don’t want to pay the consequences. They have gained the sympathy of the do-gooders and worthless judges.

If a needle is cruel and unusual punishment for the poor little murderers, then I will offer a 30:30 with ammo and myself for free that I will be glad to travel at my own expense to any prison in the U.S. so the death row inmates won’t feel a thing when their sentence is finally carried out.

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch

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