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Your Views: Meals on Wheels is more than food; human contact is therapy
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There have been two very meaningful stories in The Times recently concerning funding for the Meals on Wheels program in Gainesville and Hall County.

My wife and I have been regular volunteers for many years and find it one of the most rewarding activities we’ve ever experienced. The meals in themselves are very important to most clients, but in many if not most cases, the time spent visiting is No. 1. For many, this is their only personal contact in the day. And it can also mean someone checking in on the client and reporting or assisting when serious problems exist.

We found one client unconscious from a stroke and another who had fallen on the floor and couldn’t get up. And when we sit down or stand nearby and chat, it’s real therapy for all. And then a hug or two makes it even better!

So we indeed hope that funds will be available to continue this most important community service. And frequent donations from the community will help a lot, too!

W.A. Van Valkenburgh Jr.

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