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Your Views: Lives never led are a tragedy, harmful to US
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Jan. 22 will be the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade. In this period some 55 million babies have been aborted. Abortion is like an evil, never-receding tsunami that has swept through our land, leaving in its wake enormous dissension and heartache. Unfortunately, in the next four years we will see a ramped-up version of this holocaust.

Abortion has been a key factor in creating the culture of death that is so prevalent in our society today. It has been assisted by the media with torrents of violent garbage that many kids are exposed to from the day they can comprehend to the day they are hauled to the morgue. Violent deaths are depicted without the slightest remorse. The sanity of life is irrelevant.

What the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama don’t seem to realize, more accurately stated don’t care, abortion is killing our future. If we had even 50 percent of the 55 million people aborted with us today we may not be concerned with the ravages of cancer, Alzheimer’s or other devastating diseases because someone, whose life was snuffed out by an abortion, had the cure.

At present, there are only 2.9 workers for each person on Social Security benefits with 10,000 more being added to the benefit rolls each day. Would we be lacking for revenue to finance this entitlement if we had another 30 million workers?

Our birth rate, at present, is barely meeting the 2.1 births per female necessary to meet replacement. Take away the Hispanics and we are in deep trouble. When a nation drops below this 2.1 — Russia at 1.5, for example — your prospects for survival as a viable nation are very dim. The birth rate plunged in 2011 because of the economy and the exodus of many Hispanics.

In light of these facts, I would think the Democratic Party would be very interested in calling a truce to their war on the unborn. (It should be very easy to arrange because their enemy is defenseless.)

I saw Mr. Obama speak after the Newtown, Conn., massacre where he shed tears over the 26 innocent who died. It was comforting to know he has the ability to grieve and willingness to voice righteous outrage over such an atrocity. I, too, am outraged about this terrible event, but I am also outraged about the 55 million innocent who never had a chance to go to school.

Mr. Obama in the next four years, you and the Democratic Party will preside over the slaughter of another 5 million-plus children who are the very essence of innocence. Where are your tears? Where is your outrage? Those aborted will not be gunned down but torn to pieces by the forceps of Planned Parenthood and their evil paid for with our tax dollars.

I consider this more than the ultimate in hypocrisy! (The Lord hates haughty eyes, a lying tongue and hands that shed innocent blood!)

Gary Gambrell

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