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Your Views: Letter was right give USA back to the people
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The letter by Dick Biggs, “When will politicians take a stand” on the Opinion page of Saturday’s edition of The Times made my day.

It is almost an exact duplicate of my similar submittal to Gov. Nathan Deal when he was still in Washington, D.C., and again to Tom Graves after he replaced Deal in my district of Georgia.

If I may, the following are some additions to this beneficial approach:

In addition to enacting term limits, reduce Congress to six months per year — as suggested by Gov. Rick Perry in Texas — along with a commensurate pay cut.

Establish John Linder’s FairTax and eliminate the IRS along with the billions of dollars of costs to the U.S. taxpayers for extremely complicated preparations of filing returns. Or perhaps try something similar to Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 approach?

Get rid of farm subsidies to wealthy farmers and corporate farming, unless they are willing to share their profits with taxpayers.

Severely question all foreign aid toward removal ASAP.

Dick, your letter is very important, very valid and greatly appreciated. Also, The Times is commended for printing it.

I sincerely believe it would take you and I about 30 minutes to balance the budget, reduce waste and eliminate the deficit in the U.S. government without hurting anybody except the embedded politicians who find a long term, lifetime escape there.

I am fully aware that many excuses and some reasons are offered against these suggestions but what is being presently pursued will lead the U.S. to self-destruction and should justify trying almost anything different.

The U.S.A. must be given back to the states and its people.

Clarence Huhman