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Your Views: Islamic State zealots raise memories of Nazi Germany
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I read Friday’s column by Jonah Goldberg, “A Web-fueled Foreign Legion for losers,” with much trepidation. Yes, I fully agree that these “born-again” Islamists for the most part are comprised of the disenfranchised “losers” living on the fringes of society. They are now presented with an opportunity to inject their depravities onto minority segments of the population, or those that do not accept their 14th century laws and codes. This movement presents opportunities for them to obtain the power that they cannot otherwise gain through legal and democratic means.

Yes, in previous generations they may have joined “Marxist” terror groups, but I cannot help drawing a more dangerous precedent, that of Nazi Germany. The ranks of the SS were littered with sociopaths who reveled in murder, torture, rape and any other activities that instilled terror into the populace.

Both of these groups rallied around an extremist ideology that was used to facilitate group cohesion and focus their cause. They gained strength with asymmetric tactics that shocked and intimidated a population that was not familiar with such barbarism.

The free world will have to recognize the seriousness of this threat and take bold, decisive and united action in order to prevail against these depraved ideologues.

Steven Solomon

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