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Your Views: Islamic State proving to be no JV squad
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Never in our history has our commander in chief been more concerned about telling our enemies what he’s not going to do rather than taking the advice of his experienced defense and military advisers.

Three years ago, he turned down the recommendation of his secretary of defense, secretary of State and the broader intelligence community to arm the Syrian army when the Islamic State bullies were not very strong and could have been easily defeated.

In January of this year, President Barack Obama said that ISIS was in the “JV league.” Now after taking over two of the largest cities in Iraq, taking over their rich oil refineries, terrorizing and killing thousands, the Islamic State has become the first terrorist organization to have a full-fledged 10,000-man army, a billion dollars in the bank, a million dollars a day in oil revenue and has become the most serious threat to the world since Adolf Hitler.

The president continues to say that he only wants to contain this cancer instead of killing it completely as it will continue to grow and spread.

The Islamic State now has tremendous resources and says one of its main goals is to capture and kill Americans and eventually come to the U.S. with its terrorism. Al-Qaida is now showing how to make bombs at home and urging Muslim terrorist to use them in America where large numbers of innocent citizens gather.

America has been very fortunate since 9/11 but its just a matter of time before we are going experience their terror here and not feel safe to gather in public. We seem to have lost respect around the world and the bully is taking advantage of our lack of leadership and involvement.

The president seems to continue having hope that these brutal terrorists will leave the neighborhood if we’re just nice to them. Now who’s the real JV?

Darrell Newton


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