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Your Views: Hall sales tax delay designed to get it passed
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I vaguely remember when voting Republican meant you were virtually assured of candidates who supported policies that promoted limited government and lower taxation. Obviously, this is no longer the case.

Recently, the all-Republican Hall County Board of Commissioners delayed the vote for public approval of the special purpose local option sales tax. Commissioners claimed this was done in order to allow more time for “public input.”

But this all-Republican commission knows the history of SPLOST votes. Its members realize the vote has no chance in the November general election. They realize that the usual 60 to 70 percent turnout will result in any SPLOST referendum losing 70-30, maybe even 80-20. (Remember the T-SPLOST vote a couple years ago?)

So they are attempting to do what deceptive politicians do when confronted with an unwilling electorate. They will change the rules, manipulate the election and attempt to achieve the result they desire: higher taxes and bigger government.

Yes, this all-Republican Hall County commission, led by Chairman Richard Mecum, will push the SPLOST vote into an off-year election in an off election month, probably next March.

The history of these manipulated elections is crystal clear. Voter turnout is almost always below 10 percent. Although these “off election year” SPLOST votes have always resulted in very low voter turnout, the results have always been the same. A narrow victory for the SPLOST. So what we will end up with is a very expensive special election that will probably result in 4 to 6 percent of the electorate raising taxes on 100 percent of Hall County citizens.

Welcome to the tyranny that is Hall County government.

Charlie Waddell

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