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Your Views: Guns arent the issue; shunning our religion is
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I attended a public high school where students brought guns and ammunition to school and shot recreationally in the schools manual arts building over the noon hour and after classes were dismissed.

The students were of varying nationalities, length of time in America and different denominations, so I suppose one could make a case as to why problems should develop. They didn’t. Students took their religion seriously (clung to it?) on Sunday and lived it on Monday, even when there was a loaded gun in their hand on school property.

There is a lesson in this story to be learned by many in today’s America. The learning has to start at the top. At the time of this story, our president placed a high value on human life and the necessity to protect our spiritual values, and he wasn’t ashamed to do so.

Teachers and other community leaders were like-minded. If they saw a problem, they stepped in and addressed it. Their interference was accepted because they possessed a recognized moral authority that had been earned by their observed behavior.

Today, we have a president who has publicly made snide remarks about people who “cling to” their guns and their religion. You know where this is going. So the short of it is this: Cling to your religion, live it and step in and address problems when you see them.

Maybe even the president of the United States will learn from you that the problem in America isn’t guns. The problem is leaders who denigrate Biblical teachings except when it is politically expedient to trumpet them.

Fred Dissen
Flowery Branch

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