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Your Views: Election sends US away from freedom, closer to socialism
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I have been grieving since the morning of Nov. 7. It is not because of the re-election of President Barack Obama. His election to another term of office is really insignificant in the big picture. His only legacy will be leaving the nation more racially divided than when he took office.

More significant than his narrow victory in the popular vote is the significance it signals. This victory signals the decline of the United States of America. We have passed the tipping point. In the past, the pendulum has swung from progressive to conservative and back again. But this election indicates that we have transitioned from a freedom-loving culture to a socialist culture.

From a belief in less government and more freedom to more government and less freedom. Of a government of the people, by the people and for the people to a people that serves the government. From individual responsibility and the right to achieve or fail at your own risk to a life of guaranteed mediocrity.

If you didn’t like trickle-down economics, wait until you experience trickle-up economics from your pockets to the government’s. It will evolve into flood-up taxation.

We shouldn’t be surprised. After all, it was in the Franklin D. Roosevelt reign that the term “Social Security” was coined. Our current euphemism is “social safety net.”

From our earliest settlers up to our founding as a nation, we have been a people who were willing to risk it all for the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Our founders wrote documents of governance which guaranteed those rights to all men because they saw each individual as equally endowed by their creator with those rights. These documents allowed the people to be responsible for themselves and not dependent on government. Those documents would, it was hoped, protect those rights for all future generations.

I’m not sure when we lost our spirit of adventure and our willingness to take a risk. Maybe it was the influence of the modern church, which abdicated its responsibility for the widows, orphans and poor and gave their care to government. Maybe it was the women’s movement, which reflects the woman’s natural desire for security at the expense of risk. Maybe it was just the accumulation of many compromises that have reduced us from an exceptional people desiring personal responsibility and willing to risk failure to have the chance to excel.

Initially, I was grieved about this indication of the death of America because of my grandchildren. But I have lived in Germany and visited several European countries that are socialist, and the people are not impoverished nor suffering under totalitarian boots. They are relatively happy because they do not know what they have missed: The opportunity to be free, really free, to make your own choices, free to experience the agony of defeat and ecstasy of victory.

Where will the world turn when the last great hope of man is just another also ran? Maybe to the real last great hope, Jesus Christ. That is my solace.

Thomas Day

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