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Your Views: Election reform needed to level the playing field
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The recent article about buying and selling our elections was right on. What we now have as an election system is a farce. It is a playground for special-interest groups, and consequently, we get an electorate that is beholden to big money and not to the rest of us.

Recent elections have proven how terribly flawed our election system has become. I have a suggestion. I have mentioned this before, but I think it bears repeating. I know it needs “tweaking,” but at least I am suggesting something and not just complaining.

First, standardize all elections. Allow only a fixed number of any “candidate promoting events or notices” (television, print, forums, etc.) per candidate. All such promotions should be only the candidate speaking before a plain background with just an American flag beside her or him. No slick ad campaigns should be allowed. Any candidate that deviates from the standard would be removed as a candidate.

All candidates would have a fixed amount of money to use for campaigning. This will immediately save millions of dollars. It will also save us from being bombarded by slick ad campaigns that brainwash the average person rather than allowing reason to enter the fray. We will also see up close and personal what the candidate is really like rather than what some ad agency thinks we should know about her or him.

Second, fund all elections with public money. This will allow many good candidates to run who just don’t have deep pockets out there buying the office for them. Once a candidate is in office, he or she can immediately use their terms to work for us rather than spending time scrounging money for the next election. They will be actually working for us, for a change.

I know this is radical, but we need radical now. Let’s stop the farce. I urge you to think about this, reread this, discuss this with your neighbors and work associates. Think! Let’s change things before corporate America owns us all.

I know this plan will take some work, but please, if we do either one of these two steps it will drastically improve our country. Both would be even better. Election reform is the center of all change in America. Let’s level the playing field.

John Stockard


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