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Your Views: Dont raise taxes until our money is better spent
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Don’t you just love it when one arm of our government implies that it is imperative that you approve another tax increase or your entire transportation system will fall apart, while another appendage is planning to spend a significant portion of your taxes on something that is absolutely unnecessary?

I read in a recent issue of the Times that Arthur Blank is asking for $300 million to help pay for constructing a new football stadium in Atlanta, since the current one is 20 years old. Kasim Reed, Atlanta’s mayor, is all for it. What the heck is going on?

Blank is worth over $1 billion himself, and many of his players make multiple millions every year. Why can’t they subsidize their own stadium, or ask people who flock to their games to donate money toward such a project, rather than take tax money from people who could care less about watching their sport? What is wrong with the 20-year-old stadium that would have to be completely destroyed?

The above comments also apply to “bridges to nowhere,” way-out art exhibits and other projects that have no business being funded by tax dollars.

It will be a “cold day in you know where”, when I vote for another tax increase, one penny or otherwise, until our government demonstrates that it can allocate our tax money in a more responsible manner!

Monte E. Seehorn

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