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Your Views: Dont be too good to pick up trash
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I pick up litter (recycling actually). Most any day in Clermont, I can be found trucking around the town with my plastic bags and my dog picking up plastic bottles and cans, and I have learned a few things about our culture by doing so.
One thing is some things never change.

The “king of beers” and the “real thing” are still the most popular beverages. Those, by the way, are old advertising slogans for the most popular beer and soda on the market.

Here is a development in litter that somewhat surprises me: the popularity of bottled water amongst litter bugs.
Back in the day during the cultural revolution (dating myself), bottled water was seen as the healthy alternative to the sodas,

So if you are putting something that is good for you inside of you, why would you despoil the environment by tossing the plastic container on the ground? C’mon now, God loves you. Don’t do that.

So if you were waiting for me to get all judgmental about this littering business, there it was.

But here is the other side. This economy is heartbreaking and if the anti-social behavior of those beaten down economically is limited to throwing their trash out the window of their vehicle, maybe that isn’t so bad.

Back to square one. I pick up trash. After muttering under my breath about it for most of my life, I decided I wasn’t too good to bend over with my plastic bags and pick it up myself. May I recommend the practice to others?

Donald Waara

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