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Your Views: Courthouse security practices raise some questions, concerns
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I recently served on the Hall County grand jury and am very concerned about security there. We male jurors had to empty our pockets and take off our belts. The women had to send their pocketbooks through the scanner. The law enforcement men and women who testified before the grand jury had to leave their weapons in lockup.

I saw folks who were apparent courthouse employees or lawyers come through the security gates with attaché cases and women carrying what looked like weekend vacation bags that set off the alarms, and no eyebrows were raised. What is to prevent some disgruntled employee or lawyer, for that matter, from coming in with a gun and killing a bunch of people there?

We have seen on the news where employees have smuggled guns into the workplace and shot people because they didn’t have to go through security. Why shouldn’t these employees and those carrying attaché cases be subjected to the same requirements as anyone else visiting the courthouse? Just asking!

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch

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