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Your Views: Community came together during storm
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The members of the Gainesville Police Department and I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their patience, preparations and understanding during the inclement winter weather. Things could have truly been crippling had it not been for the communities support and preparedness. You, the community, took the warnings to heart, prepared and allowed us in public safety and service to conduct our jobs. You heeded the warnings to keep the roadways clear to help us ensure the safest possible outcome during this weather. At no time during this challenging weather did we ever sacrifice, suspend or alter our service to the community. It is truly our honor to serve each and every person in this great community.

Just as a wheel, there are many spokes and spindles that work to make the wheel go around. There were many individuals who worked behind the scenes to ensure our wheels never stopped working. Each and every one of them deserves credit. We cannot forget the local businesses, families and governments that stepped up to ensure we had everything we needed and gave support to us during these tough times.

Often times we tend to overlook how true, honest and spectacular humanity really is. The past few days have shown our communities true colors as we have stood united, side by side, and ready to serve and protect one another. Although faced with many dangers and challenges, the community was hard pressed to find someone that wasn’t willing to lend a helping hand.

These types of situations are tasking and challenging on public safety to say the least. Many local, state, federal, public and private agencies came together to work as one for a common goal, providing safety and security for our citizens. These public servants spent many hours and days away from their own families, sacrificing, leaving their own concerns behind to serve the community.

I would like to personally extend a special thanks and gratitude to every one of these individuals, especially members of the Gainesville Police Department, Gainesville City Government, Hall County government and the state departments for their work and dedication.

Again, as always, it is an honor to serve this great city and great state. We will continue our mission to work in partnership with the community, demonstrate compassion for all people and render services with respect, dignity and courtesy.

Brian P. Kelly
Gainesville Chief of Police

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