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Your Views: Columnists took a cheap shot at Catholic church
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Dear Cokie and Steve Roberts: Your column, “Religious knuckle-rappers go after women” (April 28) was yet another anti-Catholic, “hit-em-below-the-belt” and “kick them while they’re down” diatribe.

If our leaders are not referred to as the Inquisition, which is just beating a long-dead horse, they are called a “crack squad of Vatican whistle-blower hunters.” This is the common theme of your editorial and others of the same pathetic genre: incendiary language, reporting half-truths, negative insinuation, sickeningly biased and never balanced.

Why do you people so love to pile on the Catholic Church? When will you ever get it: When you attack our leadership, you thoroughly offend those of us in the laity who love our church and our church leaders, and that must be many millions of us. For Christ’s sake, Catholics agree with and support most of your liberal social agenda.

Lest I forget, you are not in the business of truth in editorial writing or even reporting the truth; you are in the business of selling newspapers and radio shows.

Jeffrey Jacob