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Your Views: Columnists' bashing of Graham is arrogant
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I couldn’t help but respond to Joan King’s bashing of Dr. Billy Graham. She is right to call herself “arrogant.” Evidently she doesn’t understand God’s word, or doesn’t read the word of God.

Most of us know that God is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. She says man is not logical; I agree somewhat, but God is. Digital or analog has nothing to do with our Heavenly Father, and God is not an illusion (ever seen an angel, Joan?) Many of us have; they live among us.

She called Billy Graham’s views of the word dangerous. I feel sorry for her. Fundamentalism does not divide the world; people like her do.

And yes Joan, you can be forgiven and your wrongs forgotten, God says. If you are a child of his, your sins will be remembered no more. You can look it up.

Terry Gabriel

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