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Your Views: Carter kept a promise to help deliver report for project
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I noticed where Don Carter has retired as Department of Natural Resources commissioner and I would like to share a very pleasant courtesy he did for me. I have never met him, nor do I know him, but he sure helped me when I needed help.

My story starts in the spring of 1999. I was preparing a section of old family property for a subdivision in Baldwin and had gone as far as possible. I submitted a soil erosion report to the office in Atlanta to be approved before any work could begin.

That turned out to be a nightmare.

Weeks went by and I had no luck getting it out of that office in Atlanta. Meanwhile, I lost my grading contractor. After many weeks, it finally left that office for another office in Hartwell. There it stayed several weeks before anyone had sense enough to realize it was sent there by mistake. It was then forwarded to another office in Commerce. That lady in that office informed me she had four weeks to look over my report. I rarely get upset but by that time, spring was gone and summer was almost over, and I was upset and wondering how a situation like this could happen.

I was very fortunate to have Lewis Canup from Habersham County helping me out with this project, and it may have been him or someone else advising me to call Don Carter in Gainesville. I took that advice and called Mr. Carter and explained my many weeks of frustration with trying to get this report approved. He told me he knew that office had been very busy and he would call me the next morning.

That next morning, the phone rang and he stated the one he needed to talk to was out and he would call the next morning. He kept his word and called, saying “Your report is ready and it is in the mail today.”

I thank you, Don Carter. You were the only one to keep your word. I will never forget your kindness in that matter.

Lamar Wilbanks

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