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Your Views: Birth control was a personal matter, now a political football
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I just can't pass on a news item of the day. It is worth comment because it involves our president and Congress.

The item covers a female college student going before a Senate committee to relate how much it costs a student per year for birth control, which is not covered by the university's health care plan. The university is Georgetown and the cost is $1,000.

First of all, I always thought what we did with our bodies was a private thing. Now we advertise and want someone else to pay for a birth control device used in a private act. In my high school, girls didn't advertise what they did because it would earn them a "title."

What has happened to our morals? Is this the other end of the pendulum swinging? It is the opposite end of the time when girls were supposed to be virgins when they married.

It becomes a new political football. It just shows how ridiculous remains ridiculous. We now see that old political ploy of "your enemies are my friends in action." No matter what level people are at, they will participate.

To me it seems that three words need to be evaluated for re-entry into the English language. They are pride, discipline and NO!

George Koesters

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