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Your Views: Benefits from health care law outweigh its flaws
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Your Sunday editorial recommending a reboot of the ACA was thoughtful but misguided. As the editorial pointed out, the main resistance to the ACA is that no Republicans supported it. But that’s what happens in a democracy. It’s like saying that the Social Security Act of 1934 should be repealed because no Republicans supported it (which is a historical fact).

As your editorial also pointed out, the ACA created a hybrid system of health insurance involving both government and private insurance companies. But let’s be clear about the origin of this concept: It was inspired by a Republican think tank, the Heritage Foundation, and was implemented in Massachusetts by a Republican governor, Mitt Romney’s Romneycare.

It’s obvious that there have been problems in the rollout of the ACA. That’s to be expected in any major piece of legislation. So let’s fix the problems, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

As I write this, a young man I know is undergoing surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor behind his eye. He’s self-employed and hardworking. No insurance company would issue a policy for a serious pre-existing condition like this. But he signed up for Obamacare, got a health insurance policy and is finally able to get the surgery. His extended family is at the hospital right now, and let me tell you they are thankful for the ACA.

The Times should be congratulated for its thoughtful discussion of this important subject.

Doug Henry

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