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Your Views: America has abandoned both its allies and its Christian principles
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I wonder if others in America sit and shake their heads in confusion and bewilderment at the utter insanity that has engulfed our nation. I’ve seen an America that is, or was, far different from the nation we now live in, and it’s a tragedy that we have fallen so far. We have lost credibility on the world stage with any and all of our allies; we have become the object of contempt and a laughingstock to any and all who hate and oppose us.

In the past, America was the standard-bearer for freedom, justice and opportunity to so many others throughout the world. Common sense, truth, tolerance, compassion for others, a time when a man’s word could be depended on and Americans could trust their elected leaders to serve us in honesty and good faith. These things are in the past.

I have seen our government and many in our nation have mutated into a humanist, secular, non-Christian, Godless nation. We negotiate with our enemies and free those who have the blood of over 3,000 of our innocent Americans on 9/11 and our brave boys and girls who serve our country. We tolerate and make heroes of people like “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, Sean Penn and Dennis Rodman while they openly consort with our most staunch enemies.

Make no mistake, America and all the skunks and polecats in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans, will face the day of reckoning in time: My apologies to all the skunks and polecats in nature. I hate to compare you to the vermin in Washington, D.C.

Mickey Montgomery

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