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Your Views: Administration continues to fuel an overall distrust of government
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The Obama administration is at it again. According to President Barack Obama, he doesn’t know half of what is going on in his administration, since he finds out things when he sees it on the news, like the IRS scandal. Then there was Benghazi, which the administration blamed on a movie instead of an organized terrorist organization. Then Hillary Clinton says “what difference does it make,” like who cares?

A transparent administration? I think not! I talked to a man in Nassau recently and even he and others who live down there recognize the Obama administration is in the process of ruining this country. I want someone to show me one positive thing the Obama administration has done to improve this country. I thought so.

I hope, after listening to your president when he was campaigning — sorry, still campaigning — and you still voted for him that you folks get all he promised you. That has turned out to be job loss and fewer working hours, meaning less pay, higher health care, less transparency, more hostility towards taxpayers, trying to destroy the Second Amendment and others.

They say our Constitution, which has worked fine for over 200 years, is outdated. So you would rather have a community-organizing socialist as your leader than a successful American Mormon businessman. Congratulations.

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch

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