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Young people not as willing to work hard to get ahead
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There is still a very high percent of people unemployed. But let's take a much closer look at the situation.

For some, being out of work cannot be helped, but for others, being out of work is just an excuse. The reason I say this is that for some of us, we don't have work because we choose not to take the "hard jobs" per se, or the hours of the day don't suit us.

Those are people who are looking for the easy way out and not really caring about doing what's necessary to make a living or pay the bills. If it's not easy, and the right time of the day, then they refuse to work.

These kinds of people never think about working hard and working their way toward a better opportunity in the future. All they are concerned about is now, the present.

The other day, I overheard in the neighborhood barbershop an elderly gentleman ask a younger guy if he was still working. The younger guy replied, "No." The elderly guy asked why. The younger guy said that he quit because he didn't like the job.

The elderly gentleman then stated that he never really had a job he truly liked, but he had worked all of his life up until retirement. He said that he had to work because he wanted to keep a roof over his head and raise a family.

This is a problem with a lot of our younger people. They don't put in the time it takes to move up to a better position, to start from scratch, so they choose not to work.

And we, as a society, give signs of approval.

Jay V. Huff