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Why would our God create an older universe just to fool us?
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In response to Mr. Hinds' letter Monday, I must speak out. His position is that God created the universe 10,000 years ago but made everything in it look and test by every scientific way possible to be 14 billion years old.

He is saying God is such a jokester that He put false fossils all over the Earth that also test to be millions of years old. He created the atomic structure of atoms so that when we test age of rocks they appear to be millions of year old when they are not. He exploded stars billions of light years away but somehow makes the light already reach Earth, just as an added joke to confuse us.

He laid out a pattern of evolution that is easily traceable, but not true. In fact, virtually everything in astronomy is therefore wrong. Most of archeology is wrong. Petrology is completely wrong. The cave paintings in Europe where put there by God. Everything is one big joke on us.

The trillions upon trillions of stars are not what they seem. They were simply created to look like they are many different ages.

This could go on for pages. Would you do this to your children?

The bottom line is that I do not believe my God is like that. I believe He is a bit more serious. He gave us brains to explore and understand this amazing universe.

Dave Long

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