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We need to elect people who believe in fiscal responsibility
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I have seen a couple of articles where Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has referred to tea party people as extremist. He is the third-leading Democratic senator and has held his office for about 12 years. Currently we have a financial crisis, an immigration crisis, Social Security is going broke, Medicare is going broke, our energy policy is a disaster, food prices are terrible, etc. Most of our congressmen have been there over 10 years and are doing a terrible job.

They tell us that Paul Ryan is going to destroy Medicare. It is unsustainable as is. You may not like what he is doing but doing nothing is worse. It seems that the tea party people are the only people involved that have any fiscal responsibility.

We need to replace more of the career politicians with people that know a little bit about finance. In fact, I plan to vote for Herman Cain in the Republican primary.

Mike McConnell

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