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There was no intent or illegal hit in play that led to players injury
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The Sept. 8 article, “Chestatee’s Jay Mays given ‘fresh perspective’ after concussion during recent football game” needs some perspective. While describing the play in which Mays was injured, the text stated he was “tackled out of bounds” following a run play near the Chestatee sideline. He was, in fact, in the field of play when the West Hall defender made contact with him. It was a legal tackle; no flags were thrown, and no penalty was assessed against West Hall.

This was obviously an unfortunate and serious incident that no one ever wants to experience, and everyone at the game, including myself, was silenced with prayerful concern for Mays, and relieved only when we found out that he was going to be OK. This was not, however, a result of any wrongdoing on the part of West Hall.

The Spartans have come a long way in the last few years under the leadership of Coach Tony Lotti, and it would be an injustice for anyone to harbor negative sentiments about the program. His motto is “Do Right, Right Follows.”

The injury was the result of two very tough competitors playing hard for their teams, nothing more and nothing less. Either could have been injured. Its just part of the game. West Hall’s football program strives for excellence, and it deserves to be recognized for doing right, not for a hit that put a player in an ambulance.

Rita Crocker